Saturday, January 13, 2018

New Neon update!

Ok, this Sunday is the last possible day for us to drop a new track in order to keep our ridiculous promise of dropping a new track a week all freaking year! Our first one (last week) 'New Pulse' is killing it on the radio & even a few downloads (we need more!) & this weeks release is going to be going to be xtra special! 

Buy our NEW track, 'NEW PULSE' 
for only $1.99 here:
Thanks for all the love & support!



New Neon Remix by Scyia coming soon!

Scyia says:

"Its been a very heavy music making session for me tonight and I mean that in a good way. Finally finished my mix for New Neon. Will be shipped to them in a few hours. This mix is pretty fun, hope you get a chance to check it out "

We, New Neon are very excited! A new mix coming soon!
Stay tuned! 

Darkest Before Dawn 91.7 KOOP Austin, Texas

New Neon on KOOP Radio 91.7 FM in Austin for the 'Darkest Before Dawn' Radio Show always expertly curated by Sunil Khanna!

Every Saturday from 6-7pm Central and online at

And if you miss the show tomorrow, or want to listen to it again, it will be available on demand for the next 2 weeks on Radio Free America at…/darkest-before-dawn-koop-…

~ Harmony Sledge

The Electronic Family Tree with Rusty Egan!

If you missed the can listen to Rusty Egan's 'The Electronic Family Tree' radio show on mixcloud! New Neon's song 'New Pulse' got played! Fantastic show! 

The Electronic Family Tree Radio Show . The show is broadcast at 8 00pm uk on every Friday, Saturdays on and uploaded to Mixcloud and shared across the globe with Electronic Music lovers. Artists with music submissions please send MP3 320 bt links to


Friday, January 12, 2018

The Electronic Family Tree with Rusty Egan on Artefaktor Radio!

Check this out! New Neon is going to be played on Rusty Egan's show! Be sure to check it out!

World Turning with DJ Menamenasta on Mixcloud!

Brought to you by and William Dewberry
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In case you missed you can play it from mixcloud..enjoy!

Leo Kottke
Esperanza Spalding
Joni Mitchell
Hugh Masekela
Vague Notion
Carlos Vivanco
Albert Collins
Liam Boyle
Meter Bridge
Paul Limb
The Bloodhounds/Stone Catcherye
Kathy Freeman
Fat Pockets & The Back Alley Js
Think Good Audio
Johanna Fegan/Soundshift
Keldari Station
New Neon
PreCog/Giant Monsters on the Horizon
The Black Hundred/Walter Fini
David Grissom
Eddie Shook

- Harmony

The SYNTH CITY Radio Show with Rob Harvey!

Now you can listen to Rob Harvey's SYNTH CITY on Mixcloud! NEW NEON was played on this show! #FOLLOW #SHARE #REPOST #MIXCLOUD

This is Synth City (ROT) the rerun, taken from the live radio show; broadcast on Phoenix 98FM: On Jan 9th 2018 👍🏿
We had new music on the show from: Simple Minds - Sinestar - New Neon - Vogon Poetry - Analogue Electronic Whatever - Niels Gordon - Roee Yeger & Roby Fayer ft Tay - Lemonade Kid / Sub Clowns / ForgottenBee and more

Please feel free to subscribe, Fav or Share my mixcloud's - You can join the actual SYNTH CITY Facebook group and tweet the show @Electronicrv

- Harmony

ELECTRIQ SHOW with Neil Francis!

Check out DJ Neil Francis 'ELECTRIQ SHOW' on Smart Radio GY. NEW NEON is in the mix! Fantastic show! You can stream it on mixcloud! #Listen #Share #Follow #Repost #Mixcloud 

-Harmony Sledge

New Neon says:

It's 2018 & we have unleashed our creative nrg. We are dropping a new track every week all year long & #djrogerwilson is back at it spinning the best parties in atx & beyond! #staytrue #stayunique #breaktherules

- Roger Wilson & Jade Vanity

New Neon says:

when ppl ask what kind of musik we make & we say "whatever we want" it sounds stuck up, but if we just say "electronic" they are like "thanks, that really tells me alot" we need a new thing 2 say.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

#TheBedroom show: Two

This is called The Bedroom Show..DJ Roger Wilson & Jade Vanity of New Neon. We will be making more shows..stay tuned!

- Harmony Sledge


Anything Goes with Eddie Shook!

Please Join Us Thursday Night at 8pm Central
Brought to you by and William Dewberry
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Tracklist for 1/11/18
World Turning by Leo Kottke
Unconditional Love by Esperanza Spalding
Dry Cleaner From Des Moines by Joni Mitchell
Abangoma by Hugh Masekela
Seasons by Vague Notion
Intensely by Carlos Vivanco
Snowed In by Albert Collins
Give It To Me Real by Liam Boyle - Composer
Nothing New by Meter Bridge
The Hothouse of Dr. T Morrow by Paul Limb
Hype Machine(feat. Stone Catcherye) by The Bloodhounds Liam Boyle - Composer/Fat Pockets
Rolling In The Trash by Kathy Freeman
50 Ways by Fat Pockets & The Back Alley Js ( Janine Levinson/Beckenstein Jonathan/Joerxworx Nu Jorg)
White Mice In A Red Maze by Mangabros.
The Last Stand by Think Good Audio
Original Being (Soundshift81 remix) by Johanna Fegan
Spied Her by AssA & GrevusAnjl Justin Mackay
Quantum Singularity by Keldari Station
Corazon Espinado by Santana y Mana
It's The Future by New Neon
Little Devil (Giant Monsters On The Horizon remix) by PreCog
Orwell (Walter Fini remix) by The Black Hundred
Belly of the Beast by David Grissom
Overflight by Eddie Shook
Third Stone From The Sun by Jimi Hendrix
This show is also broadcast on the following Monday
on at 8am Central
Thank you Raymond Rowe and

- Harmony Sledge

ELECTRIQ SHOW with Neil Francis!

Join Neil Francis TONIGHT 9pm GMT for the ELECTRIQ SHOW on Smart Radio GY with brand new releases from Vogon Poetry, Sinestar, New NeonRoby Fayer Lionhearts Lemonade Kid as well as a selection of GREAT SYNTH tunes from old favorites,timeless classics and up and coming new artists.A two hour show that will make any Synth Fan moister than an oyster!  
Tune in Synth out!
Join me on Smart Radio GY Tunein App on phone & tablet / Smart Radio GY 
And the all new Android App / Smart Radio is now available to download for Free! Apple app to follow shortly

- Harmony Sledge

SYNTH CITY with Rob Harvey!

Now you can listen to Rob Harvey's show! SYNTH CITY on Mixcloud! 
New Neon is in the mix! We love his show! Thanks Rob Harvey for all your support! You Rock!

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- Harmony Sledge

Random Pt.4


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Random Photos Pt.3


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