Friday, June 6, 2014

'This Future' by DJ Roger Wilson

DJ Roger Wilson on Mixcloud!

Check out the HOTTEST Dances Mixes by DJ Roger Wilson! 

~ harmony 

Saturday Breakfast - Rob Harvey on Phoenix 98FM!

Alright, tune in for another awesome show this Saturday morning  on the Saturday Breakfast Show with Rob Harvey on Phoenix 98 FM! Show starts at 7AM U.K. time! 


New Neon's latest song 'When it's love it's love' - produced by Clive Pierce will get a spin on the show among many other talented bands/artists!

~ Harmony Sledge

Saturday is the Synthopia Radio Show with Andrew Skerat Kennedy!

'When it's love it's love' Produced by Clive Pierce is scheduled for a deep spin on the Synthopia show with Andrew Skerat Kennedy on Saturday 6pm Eastern Time! Always a carefully selected and presented show, so we are very pleased when we make cut! 

Tune in tomorrow here:

~ Harmony

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

'When it's love it's love (Alternative Lifestyle Mix)'

New Song 4 EVERYONE! This is 'When it's love it's love (Alternative Lifestyle Mix)' - This one is going to feature a Clive Pierce Produced Version coming soon!! Stay tuned for that and turn this one up now!


~ Harmony

Real Life Crisis - New Neon

NEW SONG! 'Real Life Crisis' - New Neon

~ H a R m O n Y sL e D g E

Thursday, April 17, 2014

DJ Roger Wilson on Mixcloud!!

Check out the latest & greatest mixes by Lengendary DJ Roger Wilson

~ Harmony

DJ Rusty Egan's Radio Show April 14th 2014

Here is DJ Rusty Egan's Radio show from this last Friday night! Great mix of music!! New Neon LOVES it!!! 

Plus, New Neon's 'What's on your mind' produced by Clive Pierce gets spun in the mix at 1:10:29

Thanks for playing our song, Rusty!

~ Harmony 'What's on your mind' Sledge

Bluetown Electronica (is It Time Yet?) Compilation on iTunes!!

"A mixture of various directions of the electronic music specter, ranging from the more danceable electro stuff to pure EBM, darkwave and industrial." 

Click the link below to preview, buy, and download

Bluetown Electronica (Is It Time Yet?) Compilation on iTunes!

Also available on bandcamp!

~ Harmony Bluetown Electronica Sledge

Various Artists, Bluetown Electronica, CD review

This is a review from Filip Van Muylem ( Freelance Journalist) at Peek-a-boo-magazine for the compilation, ' Bluetown Electronica (Is It Time Yet?) '

~ HarmonySledge

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Infectious Groove Thing with DJ Roger Wilson!

Infectious Groove Thing with DJ Roger Wilson Every Friday from 8pm - 2am Its the PERFECT way to start your weekend! Great People, Drinks, Food, Energy & Infectious House Music! 134 West Broadway in Manhattan Come by yourself or invite friends! See you there.

Infectious Groove Thing with DJ Roger Wilson

DJ Roger Wilson on Mixcloud

~ Harmony Sledge Groove Thang

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pre-Order Bluetown Electronica (Is It Time Yet?) Compilation


A compilation album of songs and artists that have been frequently played at the radio-show Bluetown Electronica. Compiled by Jason Older and Paul Randall who host the show, in cooperation with Per Aksel Lundgreen at Sub Culture Records. 

A mixture of various directions of the electronic music specter, ranging from the more danceable electro stuff to pure EBM, darkwave and industrial. 

There is something for ANY lover of electronic music on this album for sure, and it is well worth checking out!

Go to the bandcamp link and check out the amazing and talented bands/artists that are on this compilation.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Bluetown Electronica compilation album to be released April 4th on Subculture Records

Very exciting news! Bluetown Electronica is putting out an amazing compilation album full of fantastic tracks from many great artists. It will be released on April 4th by Subculture Records 

Absolutely thrilled that we (New Neon) will be on this compilation! 

Here's a link below to The Music Blog about the compilation including links to all the bands.

~ Harmony

'What's on your mind' is now available on bandcamp!

Our BRAND NEW SONG 'What's on your mind' iz now available for immediate download from our #Bandcamp site!! This song has all the Excitement & Energy of New Neon and iz wrapped in luxury by Producer & Music Legend Clive Pierce! 

If it were easy 2 make these we would make one every day... but alas, there is so much love, hard werk and re-werk just to bring this 2 you!

We know people don't pay for Indie/Unsigned music that much...but this is about support for something real. As if we were playing a show for you!

Love and Neon!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

What's on your mind - New Neon

Brand NEW SONG! We are finally back in the mix and ready 2 start bustin' out some major New Neon madness for 2014! Check out 'What's on your mind' Produced by the amazing Clive Pierce! We share a very special relationship with Clive & now we are sharing it with all of you...

~ Harmony SLEDGE

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Johnny Normal Radio Show

 The Synthetik Form 'Electric Dimension Remix' of New Neon's 'The Late Boys' got a spin on The Johnny Normal Radio Show Monday night! A special thanks to Elaine Pierce & Johnny Normal for the love!!!

Johnny Normal's radio show is a fantastic show with truly amazing artists/bands of the past & present! Give it a listen!

~ Harmony Sledge

Monday, March 3, 2014

New Neon update!

Finishing up a new 'New Neon' song soon! Its being produced by the amazing Clive Pierce which iz alwayz a beautiful thing  #StayTuned we will add it to our ever-growing 'Everything iz Different' E.P. on #Bandcamp & hopefully stimulate some of you 2 show some support 4 our #Neon #Musik. Also writing & producing more new music this week for a release soon! I plan on dropping some #DJ mixes online as well 2 keep thingz fresh on #Mixcloud #MarchMadness at Fresh Factory NYC

- Roger Wilson

Everything iz Different - Clive Pierce Version (Synthetik Form Remix)


Dramatica - Clive Pierce Version (DJ Jes Remix)

~ H a R m o n Y

New Neon - Dramatica (Clive Pierce Version) - Jes Music Remix

~ Harmony Sledge

Infectious Groove Thing with DJ Roger Wilson at Petite Abeille

Infectious Groove Thing with DJ Roger Wilson every Friday from 8pm-2am at Petite Abeille. It's a PERFECT way to start your New York City weekend! Great People, Food, Drinks, Energy & Infectious House Music! 134 West Broadway in Manhattan.

Click the link for the event!

Here is a house mix by DJ Roger Wilson

~ harmony sledge

BLUETOWN ELECTRONICA Compilation out 4th April 2014!

Really excited that New Neon will be a part of this stellar Bluetown Electronica compilation on Sub Culture Records!! Lots of great bands and tons of excellent music! Release date is April 4th! Save your pennies help support some amazing people and hard working electro freakqs who do it all for love. Thank you! Also, catch the 'Release Show' on April 6th!

~ harmony S l e d g e

NEW NEON 'The Girls in New York Go Beep'

~ H A R M O N Y

Monday, February 3, 2014

New Neon on Bandcamp!

The 'Everything iz Different' E.P. is available for $5!
Plus, other New Neon digital albums are also available for purchase on our bandcamp website!

Go here to see what's new!

~ h a r m o n y s l e d g e

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Massive, Massive New Neon Newz!! New Neon iz on the BBC!!

Everything Iz Different (Clive Pierce Rework) iz going 2 b on BBC Radio!!
December 7th these stations: BBC Introducing: The South, 8-9pm Saturday evenings BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey & BBC Radio Solent
Listen in Brighton on 95.3 FM
Listen in Sussex & Surrey 104-104.8 FM
Listen in Solent & Hampshire on 96.1 FM
Listen in Dorset on 103.8 FM
Listen on-line:

This and every New Neon song iz available for download

~ Harmony

Friday, October 11, 2013

Tonight on Mi-Soul DJ Rusty Egan Presents..

From DJ Rusty Egan...

Happy Birthday Midge Ure loving both Ultravox with Ure and John Foxx 

Join me tonight for more electronic fun with John Foxx & The Maths - Depeche Mode - Glass Candy - Kavinsky - College - Mjutah - Jonteknik - Electronic Youth -Eurasianeyes - Feathers -Metroland -Synthetik Form feat. New Neon Midnight till 0 200 am GMT and go to dj profiles link below if you are out dancing to Tiga and catch it there .....

For those in the U.S. 
Rusty Egan's show will begin at 6PM Central Time.


Heat Within (Bass Cult RMX)

Listen to the latest remix by BASS CULT - New Neon's 'Heat Within'

Buy Now for .99 cents on Bandcamp!

~Harmony Sledge

U.K. Radio Play - 'Everything iz Different (Clive Pierce Rework)' by New Neon

We have uploaded some audio clips to our soundcloud page 'Beatz and Thingz' from various U.K. FM and Internet radio stations for the song "Everything iz Different (Clive Pierce Rework)'

Thanks to Clive Pierce for putting together these audio clips.

Thank you to all the radio DJ's for the love and support and playing our song!!

Check out the links below to listen to the DJ's on mixcloud!

Dave Charles Mixcloud

Dave Charles Facebook

Dave Charles on Harborough FM

DJ Rob Harvey's Mixcloud

'Like' & Support Rob Harvey's Facebook page!

Rob Harvey on Phoenix98 FM

Follow Rob Harvey on Tumblr!

Rusty Egan's Mixcloud

'Like' & Support Rusty Egan's Facebook page!

Rusty Egan on Mi-Soul


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Everything iz Different (Clive Pierce Rework) on Bandcamp!

Now you can purchase 'Everything iz Different' (Clive Pierce Rework) on bandcamp for .99 cents!

New Neon highly recommends 'liking' hard CORPS on facebook!

~ H a r m o n y